Sherry Sylvester


Sherry Sylvester is a political communications and public policy expert who has directed multi-million dollar statewide campaigns in New York and New Jersey and has been involved in dozens of Texas political campaigns.  Campaigns and Elections Magazine has called her a “respected veteran” of hard-fought elections and in 2005, her alma mater, the Graduate School of Political Management, now at George Washington University in Washington D.C., named her “alumni of the year,” for her accomplishments in the field of professional politics.  Sherry served for over a decade as the spokesperson and a strategic advisor to Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the most successful state-based tort reform organization in the nation.  She currently serves as the Senior Advisor to the Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick.

Sherry is also an award winning journalist who has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows and has published hundreds of pieces of political commentary and policy analysis in newspapers, periodicals and academic journals.  She covered politics for the San Antonio Express-News and was the Chief Political Writer for The Trentonian.   Sherry has worked as a policy advocate in Washington D.C. and four state capitols – Austin, Albany, Trenton and Salem – advocating on policy issues including lawsuit reform, education reform, immigration reform, health care and criminal justice reform. She has directed corporate advertising campaigns and founded three successful, non-profit organizations.

In addition to her Masters from the Graduate School of Political Management, Sherry holds a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University.  Descended from founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Sherry is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  She attends St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio and is married to Col. Stephen F. Ramsey, USAF (Ret.)