Sherry Sylvester

9th & Congress | Episode 3: Why Conservatives Win in Texas With Ryan Gravatt

TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester talks with Ryan Gravatt, a pioneering digital strategist who led Texas conservatives into the digital age, regarding what we can expect to see next in the digital communications world of politics and public policy as we edge closer to a presidential campaign year and massive issue battles in Texas from property taxes to parental empowerment.

Ryan is a member of former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s original campaign team and his digital expertise and strategic vision has ensured that the delivery of Texas’ conservative message has always been cutting edge.  He launched his firm, Raconteur Media, in 2004, years before the iPhone was released, and he set the bar for website development, social media outreach, email, digital advertising and search engine marketing from the beginning. Ryan is also an award winning expert in developing digital strategies and analytics for audience engagement.

The pair discuss what’s changed in digital communications in the last twenty years – — what conservatives are doing right, what’s going wrong and what’s next.

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