Sherry Sylvester

The Woke/Hamas Alliance: The Dangerous Partnership

As Israel fights to destroy Hamas and violence in the Middle East threatens to escalate, the collaboration between radical progressive “woke” groups in America and radical Islamists is becoming glaringly visible with a resultant surge in anti-Semitism. The present unrest in America has its roots in identity politics and its ongoing war against Western ideas and moral order.

TPPF hosted a livestream discussion of this dangerous partnership and the vulnerability the radical progressive groups are exposing America to at every level. TPPF’s Sherry Sylvester, Chuck DeVore, and Erin Valdez, along with Rabbi Dan Ain, have everything you need to know about the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States.


  • Sherry Sylvester (Moderator) – Distinguished Senior Fellow, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Rabbi Dan Ain – Rabbi and Founder, Moontower Minyan
  • Hon. Chuck DeVore – Chief National Initiatives Officer, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Erin Valdez – Policy Director, Next Generation Texas, Texas Public Policy Foundation