Sherry Sylvester


Hispanic Texans Support More Border Security and School Choice: TPPF Poll Examines Views of Hispanic Texans Statewide

Hispanic Texans overwhelmingly support letting parents choose where their kids go to school, regardless of what district they live in, even if it is a charter or private school. They put border security and immigration as the top of the list of the most pressing problems the Texas Legislature should address, with nearly three-quarters agreeing there is a crisis at the Texas border. 

The results come from a new survey of Hispanic Texans from every region of the state. The study examines support and opposition to certain public policy issues, as well as attitudes Hispanic Texans hold toward the state, America and how they are treated in society. The poll was conducted by WPA Intelligence for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  

“Like most Americans, Hispanic Texans care deeply about public safety and the quality of education for their kids and future generations,” said Rafa Bejar, TPPF’s Director of Outreach. “They see the crime and violence in their communities and the federal government’s unwillingness to respond to the border crisis, so it’s no wonder that this is chief among their concerns.”  

According to the survey, 73% believe there is a “crisis” at the Texas border and 51% want more to be done.  More than 60% want more law enforcement and only 13% believe that less should be done.   

Behind border security and immigration, education is the third most important issue. Fully 78% say parents should have “the right to use the tax dollars designated for their child’s education to send their child to whatever school, public, charter or private school, that best serves their needs.” A strong majority, 89%, believe parents should have access to everything that is being taught in their child’s classroom and 65% believe school boards should listen to their concerns and treat them with respect.   

In sharp contrast to the mainstream media narrative, almost 90% of Texas Hispanics say they are proud to be Americans. Just over half of Hispanic Texans feel they are treated equally by Anglo Texans and 84% say they are proud to call themselves Texans. A strong majority believe they have access to the American dream and 72% say that the “Lone Star State image including the Alamo and the Texas Revolution” are part of their heritage.   

“Hispanic Texans have a deep connection to America and Texas because of our founding principles and the promise of individual liberty, equal opportunity, and shared values,” said TPPF Distinguished Fellow Sherry Sylvester, who also heads up the foundation’s campaign to “Keep Texas Texan.” “Hispanics have had tremendous influence on what it means to be Texan and a strong claim to our state heritage. The data thankfully shows the attempt by some in the media to sever that connection has failed spectacularly.”  

Hispanic Texans are evenly split on their approval and disapproval of President Joe Biden: 47% to 46%.  A majority, 61%, believe that inflation is the result of bad policies, and they trust the federal government less than state and local governments. Half believe that individuals and not government should decide whether they should be vaccinated and what medications they can use.   

Like most Texans, 71% describe their local property taxes as a “major burden” and 74% believe they are treated “very fairly” by law enforcement in their communities.  

The poll surveyed 608 Hispanic adults from February 14 – 23 and has a margin of error of +/- 4%.  

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